Sandpiper Hill Cottage

Square Footage: 1360 sq. ft.
Date Completed: 2011

This small summer cottage is situated on a bluff, boasting unmatched views of Wellfleet Harbor. We were charged with the addition of a master suite as well as updating the current structure and providing better flow through the living spaces. Navigating the tight constraints imposed by the local Conservation Committee, we placed the addition so as to take advantage of the view. This placement allowed us to expand the size of the existing living room and also add a small dining area and stairs into the basement. The entry was re-located from the back of the house to the front, where we created a small farmer’s porch to make it more welcoming. This in turn opened up the living spaces, which along with the addition of several large gliding doors, allowed the view to be more of the focus. The materials used, including exposed wood ceilings, beams, and high wainscoting help add to the casual beach feel.