Eastham Schoolhouse Museum

Square Footage: 1584 sq. ft.
Date Completed: 2008

The Schoolhouse Museum is located across from the National Seashore Visitor Center. Originally a nineteenth-century one-room schoolhouse, the Eastham Historical Society bought it to house a museum in 1963. Hoping to expand, they approached us looking to add a wing to the back of the structure similar to one that existed in the early 1900s. The addition needed to remain in accordance with the guidelines for alterations as set forth by the Department of the Interior for historic sites, while also relieving congestion, providing additional spaces for exhibits and meetings, and incorporating handicap accessibility.

The new addition more than doubles the existing area of the museum, allowing the classroom to return to its original configuration. This frees up additional space for the expansion of current and future collections, providing room for proper display cases and lighting. New climate control helps to preserve the artifacts.